Viral wart is a common non-cancerous skin growth due to Human papilloma virus (HPV) infection. There are different forms of HPV which result in a wide vaiety of clinical subtypes but cauliflower surfaces and hard textures are commonly seen clinical features. It is highly infectious and can be transmitted by direct or indirect contact, therefore spreading within family and close friends are commonly seen.

    Treatment usually involve destruction of the warts. Carbon dioxide laser, excision and cryotherapy (high recurrence rate after single treatment) are the common treatment options. Topical keratolytics maybe used in young children.

    Common Wart (Verruca Vularis)

    Common wart, also known as Verruca Vularis, are grey-colored benign growths which are commonly found on hands,fingers and the feet. They are small hard bumps with a rough texture. They are contagious and can be transmitted by inoculation from one part of the body to another.

    Plane Warts

    Plane warts are commonly found on face, neck, chest and arms. It can affect a large area of your skin. They are slightly raised papules which are slightly brown or flesh-coloured. They are contagious and tend to grow in large numbers. Lesions are often numerous and can spread quickly without treatment. Lesions are often small (under 5 mm), oval and round, slightly elevated and have a smooth surface.

    Plantar Warts

    Plantar warts, also called Myrmecia, are often deeply embedded in the skin of the sole and have tiny black dots in the centre. It is common and can affect all ages, usually are found beneath pressure points. These lesions can be distinguished from a corn and are often very painful due to their position on a weight bearing sole. Plantar warts can be confused with corns, sometimes the two can appear together.


    Warts Removal with CO2 Laser

    warts removal