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    Mole is a common benign skin growth with local proliferation of melanocytes. There are many different kinds of moles. Having said that, some moles may change and become skin cancer. Therefore, a dermatologist assessment is warranted especially if there are observable clinical change including the size, symmetry, colour, border etc.

    Dermatologists usually assess moles clinically with the help of dermoscopy. Excision can be done especially for those with suscipious clinical features.

    We offer a full body mole screening /skin check for to rule out skin cancer and this involves a thorough head to toe examination of your skin and moles by our dermatologist. A medical device called a dermatoscope is used during this 30-minute service. By carefully examining each mole with the dermoscope, our dermatologist can differentiate between benign moles and potentially cancerous lesions. Suspicious moles may be biopsied for further examination under a microscope, ultimately helping to reduce the risk of skin cancer. The most common biopsies for moles include punch biopsy, excional biopsy and incisional biopsy. A biopsy of a mole is a safe and common procedure that is performed in the clinic. People who have had a skin cancer e.g. basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma are at a higher risk of skin cancer in the future and should consider having annual full body mole / skin checks for reassurance.

Dyplastic Nevus under Dermoscopy

Skin Biopsy for Laboratory Test

mole check by dermatologist

mole biopsy by dermatologist

Mole Removal Treatment Cost (For Reference)

Dermatologist Consultation (includes checking of 5 moles)


CO2 Laser Mole Reomval Treatment (size 1-2mm per mole) per treatment


CO2 Laser Mole Retouch Treatment


Mole Excision Treatment

HKD7000 and up

Whole Body Mole Examination with Dermoscope


* Exact treatent cost will be suggested by doctor after diagnosed one's condition in consultation.